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“My wife and I are both realtors and we both have used John as a home inspector for the last 7 years.  Our clients love John and so do we!  John is highly professional, knowledgeable and his demeanor with clients is wonderful.  After he thoroughly inspects the home he will walk the client through the house pointing out defects and triumphs.  John will tell it like it is. He is not alarmist and will help the client understand the severity or extent of a problem.  If John sees mold he doesn’t run for the hills!  He’ll explain how mold is formed and how it can be treated.   Aside from seeing over 13,000 homes under his belt, John is just a sweet guy.  At the end of his presentation you feel like you have been introduced to your home.  Like he was there to help you shake hands and say hi.  I highly recommend John to any type of buyer looking to have their home inspected or to any home owner looking for a re-introduction.”

Karoline Ashley, Principal Broker
Chadd ” Wick” Ashley, Broker
RE/MAX Equity Group

“I have used John Erzen at Portland Inspections, as a Realtor, when possible, for the better part of 20 years. Referrals are always the best source of finding quality service providers and he was referred to me by a top producing agent in the area. I appreciate John’s knowledge of his craft, the care he exerts to communicate to his clients, the thoroughness of each inspection and his professionalism. What is unique is his ability not just to find potential material defects, but his ability to put that issue in context for the client, from major to minor. In addition, he will point out the outstanding features of the home. He has always demonstrated a knowledge of the multiple systems, from electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, siding to carpentry among others, yet knows when to recommend to the client to get a specialist’s opinion. As the highest recommendation I could give, I have used John to inspect homes that my wife Gayle and I have purchased ourselves. John would be in that class of an inspector’s inspector, in my opinion. Quality person, quality work!”

Larry Sievers,Branch Manager, Principal Broker
RE/MAX equity group

“I am a big fan of Portland Inspections. John Erzen does a much better and more thorough inspection than any other inspector my buyers have used. John has been the inspector that I recommend for over 10 years. He has the experience and knowledge that buyer’s need to make an informed home purchase. He informs the buyer of the true condition of the home, and clearly explains his findings, and the ramifications. John is great at providing information and details the buyer needs. He answers all their questions, and is always available to give feedback and advice.

John’s works for and is loyal to the buyer—he has a full working knowledge of every system in a home, and informs the buyer of his unbiased, well informed findings, allowing the buyer to make confident decisions about the home they are purchasing. An inspection should be thorough and revealing with no hidden agenda. Sometimes finding out the true condition of a home will kill a deal, but those buyers are often the happiest knowing that John is on their side.

Frequently a home will be pre-inspected, and all repairs completed prior to the home being marketed. When my buyers have had John re-inspect such a home, he has always uncovered additional problems and flaws that were simply missed by other inspectors, problems that would have been expensive headaches for the buyer.

I highly recommend Portland Inspections to anyone purchasing a home. John Erzen is simply the best inspector I have used, and I am confident my buyer will be well informed, and happy with the quality and thoroughness of the inspection.” 

Bryan Durk, broker
M Realty

“I have been working with John for over 20 years.  He has great interpersonal skills and is very thorough throughout the inspection.  The clients whom I have recommended to him have felt that he gave thorough evaluations of the homes.  John is extremely knowledgeable about housing construction and materials.  It is not uncommon for me to ask him a question about some aspect of the construction of a home and he can actually recite a given product’s make up.  I am pretty sure that he has a photographic memory.”

Judith Rolfe, Principal Broker
RE/MAX Equity Group

“I always give my buyers a list of home inspectors, there are a lot to choose from! John, however, I find to be the best of the best! John has built homes and remodeled them! THAT is the very best qualification out there! Because of that he takes the fear out of an inspection. Everything can be fixed…what is the cost? John can ballpark it.  He actually “failed” 2 houses on me and I still use him and respect him for that. Out of the hundreds he has inspected for my buyers I think 1 had an issue. I will always let my buyers know who will do well by them. Photos to 20+ page reports outlining what items are “Attention” items that need to be addressed. The reports are well laid-out by room, exterior, plumbing, electrical – nothing left out! He is fairly priced and can remember everything. He has the patience of a saint!”

Kathy Kershner, Broker
Coldwell Banker Seal

“I’ve recommended John to my clients for over 10 years. I’ve worked with other inspectors, but what I especially appreciate about working with John is his experience and construction knowledge. He has a practical approach with clients. His reports are comprehensive, yet concise. John always tries to accommodate an inspection time even in this very busy market. He is my go- to inspector.”

Katie Whitney, Broker
RE/MAX Equity Group

“John Erzen, Portland Inspections has been my “first call” home inspector for the past 14 years and he has always worked us into his schedule in a timely manner.  John has given my clients very thorough and professional inspections and has been a great resource for service providers from roofers to drainage issues.  He provides fair analysis of issues with the homes and communicates very well so that my buyers can make educated decisions on repairs to request or to determine if the home is not right for them.  I will continue to make John my “first call”.

Norma Gibson, Broker
RE/MAX Equity Group

I have been fortunate to have had John do home inspections for my clients for many years and I recommend him to fellow agents without hesitation. He is efficient, understanding and prompt, and explains the inspection and home thoroughly with the prospective home owners, whether they are first time buyers or multiple home owners. He readily makes himself available to each client via the phone or email after closing with whatever questions they have regarding the home they have purchased. I will recommend him as long as he is doing inspections, and yes, he does keep up with all changes regarding the components of the home.

Jim Nickila, Broker
REMAX Equity Group

“I met John Erzen of Portland Inspections when a former buyer/client decided to utilize his services for an inspection (rather than use one of my usual inspectors).  I had been unimpressed by any of my former inspectors, all had been adequate but not outstanding, so I was certainly was open to suggestion!  That was a turning point in my evaluation of property inspectors!!

I have continued to recommend John VERY HIGHLY for the last 10+ years of my 28 year real estate career.  John always makes me look like a hero with his thorough evaluations, knowledgeable recommendations and sensible approach!  I, of course, always allow my buyers to choose whomever they wish for their inspections, but once they’ve used John they tend to repeatedly want to utilize his services for all their inspection needs!!!  In a world full of mediocre, John gives exemplary service and imparts confidence and accurate feedback on the condition of the home!!!

Janeese Jackson, Principal Broker/Owner
Real Estate Resource

“He also has an amazing ability to communicate the results of the inspection so Buyers understand what’s really going on with the house and can subsequently make informed decisions about their purchase. He is extremely personable and always available to answer questions or give advice on home issues even long after the inspection. I highly recommend John to anyone that wants to be informed about the condition of a property. I think they will find the experience to be both educational and enjoyable.”

Mary Toyoshima, Principal Broker
Toyoshima Realty, Inc.