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In over 20 years of home inspection experience, we’ve helped many REALTORS and their clients receive complete and thorough inspections.  We believe that it’s our duty to inspect the house from top to bottom, ensuring that any problems and concerns are revealed, so the buyer can make an informed decision.

Our residential real estate inspections comply with the standards found in the Oregon Standards of Practice, Part 4.  These standards meet the requirements for mortgage lenders.  If the lender requires a re-inspection once repairs are completed, we’re happy to provide that services as well.

We understand that the real estate transaction is on a very strict timeline and we know how important it is to have the inspection done by the agreed upon date.  We make every effort to accommodate your timeline and will notify you of both the inspection date and the date we expect the report to be finalized.  We will even do our best to work with rush orders, when our schedule allows.